Too skinny to fly

The tail end of the winter weather has grounded me for a while, so in lieu of a flying update I have a quick "strange but true". In one of the huts near our flying group is a helicopter flying school, offering training in the Robinson R22 and R44. The R22 is a tiny and lightweight helicopter, mainly used as a trainer, while the R44 is a bit bigger and can carry a couple of passengers and some luggage. Helicopters are incredibly cool beasts but they're very expensive to learn on (and to fly in general). However, that might not be the only reason you can't learn to fly an R22.

Knots and crosswinds

Last weekend, the weather was perfect—or so I thought. Although it was sunny, by the time I got to the airport, there was just enough wind to be a nuisance. My friend and wingman had gone out first, but he only managed to get as far as "lining up" at the end of the runway before the wind increased past the operational limit of the Tiger Moth and he had to come back in again. Flying can be a tease like that.