I experienced a formation flight - experience it with me

Earlier in the season, two members of Group who were going to practise formation flying very kindly asked me to come along and ride in the front seat. It was possibly the most exciting thing I've ever done. But I didn't just sit there open-mouthed for an hour: I took a video camera along, and filmed all the manoeuvres, so you can see what we did.
Making exciting and eye-catching edits of footage isn't something I'm good at, so I'm afraid the video doesn't capture at all what it felt like to be there, but it does show some interesting and highly skilled flying. One particular thing to look out for if you watch it on a big screen is to watch the rear cockpit of the other Tiger Moth for hand signals. The pilot of the lead aircraft signals to warn the following pilot (or pilots, in a bigger formation) what manoeuvre is next.
After spending many hours keeping well away from other aircraft, having one up so close to me felt very unnerving at first. With the Tiger Moth's dual controls, I could see the continual tiny adjustments Dave was making from behind me: most noticeably on the throttle, speeding up and slowing down all the time to try to maintain the correct separation.
Another big difference from my usual flying was in sitting in the front instead of the rear. When you're airborne, the front cockpit has a much better forward view, because you're not peering through the gap between the instructor's head and the fuel tank. But on the ground, the forward view is a lot worse, because the engine cowling blocks a much greater angle of your field of view. And because of the angle the aircraft sits at on the ground, that front seat is just a few inches higher up, which I never quite got used to.

I'd love to hear your feedback or questions about the video.

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